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  • Nora Krantz

    Nora Krantz

    Full stack software engineer passionate about the intersections of activism and tech. NYC.

  • Katie Escoto

    Katie Escoto

  • Jianna Park

    Jianna Park

    Writing code and poetry, looking for ways to grow✨

  • Emmanuel Eze

    Emmanuel Eze

  • Alesin Tygrys

    Alesin Tygrys

  • Eda Deniz

    Eda Deniz

    Full stack web developer exploring how policy, innovation and culture in tech influences our daily lives. Based in New York City.

  • Julia Zhou

    Julia Zhou

    //Developer @ FightPandemics

  • Allen Hurff

    Allen Hurff

    Master Craftsmen & Entrepreneur. Focus; IoT, Blockchains, Cobots + GKE RaaS +TensorFlow. Born to manifest my Roycroft. Calling all Digital Artesians.

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